Carol Petrillo

Owner / General Manager



Carol Petrillo is the co-owner of Empire Fitness CrossFit Elmwood Park. A wife and mother of 2, she dedicates the effort to finding the balance between her passion for fitness, community and her responsibilities at home.

The challenges of maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be very difficult. Carol has consistently strived to be a positive role model for her eldest daughter presently a freshman at FDU embodying what it means to be a strong yet caring independent woman as well as the loving, guiding hand for her youngest daughter diagnosed with Autism.

Carol has been passionate about fitness since her teenage years. At one point competing in swimsuit & fashion fitness competitions.

Her training regimen was highly focused on traditional weightlifting, aerobic and cardio training for many years until 2016. That is when everything changed…

While scrolling through Facebook she saw an ad for a local CrossFit Gym that was offering a boot camp class. Bored with her current routine but reluctant to try Crossfit because it was the “unknown” yet interested in trying something new she attended the class. The rest was history and she had found her new passion.

Now 2 ½ years later Carol has transformed herself not only physically but mentally. She has not only embraced what being a member of the CrossFit community stands for but embodies it.

Today, she has taken the next steps in her dream to open a CrossFit Box of her own with the help and support of the members of her community.

Carol is a woman of commitment. To her family, to the sport, to the community and with a constant focus of self-improvement for herself and others.

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