Robin Jaramillo

Co-Owner / Head Coach



For Robin, it all started at a Retro Fitness. While getting his pump on, he combined his supersets of Back Squats with watching The CrossFit Games on TV. With the ambition to try new things, Robin completed his first WOD in March of 2012. He hasn’t looked back since. Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity was PRECISELY what he was looking for. His defined discipline in executing Olympic lifts with proper technique marked him above others.
He turned his passion and skill of working out into a career when he became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. Robin consistently strives to perform equally as well as a coach and as an athlete. His main goal is to always motivate, inspire, and get people as physically fit as possible!
Robin’s athletic background in collegiate tennis and possessing the ability to Squat Clean over 2x his bodyweight are astounding and inspirational. He’s aware that hard work is necessary to achieve one’s aspirations. He loves to help athletes truly become the best they can be and unleash their full potential, so long as one’s not afraid to break a sweat!
As long as you put your mind to it, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is achievable.

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