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Health. Fitness. Life.

This program is for the busy individual that wants to work towards being decidedly fit, look better naked, increase their cardio, build lean muscle, become more flexible, get strong, and participate in your town’s charity 5K run. This is all accomplished by making our daily workouts part of your life. Our program delivers our members a fun, challenging, and rewarding path to achieve a higher level of fitness.

Take advantage of our free 7 day free pass and get started today!

Olympic Weightlifting

Power. Speed. Technique.

Our Weightlifting program is built for individuals who want to focus on the sport of Weightlifting, as well as for others to gain more experience with the main lifts: Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Our coaching staff allows individuals to advance at their own speed. In addition, the program is mindfully created to also compliment our CrossFit group training side by side. 



Coordination. Core. Flexibility

Build strength, coordination, balance and flexibility with our gymnastics class. This body-weight only program works on strength, conditioning and gymnastic skill work. If you want to build your core, there’s no better (or more exhilarating) way to do it than with strengthening our body awareness and gymnastics movements.

CrossFit Kids

Future. Sport. Wellness

We teach proper technique and introduce light weight training exercises to the still-developing pre-teen and teenage bodies.


Our goal is to prepare kids/teens for a higher level of high school or college athletics, as well as preparing them to begin engaging in the regular CrossFit classes we offer.

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